HIA Award Winning Bathroom Design

This cleverly designed Master Ensuite was the winner of the HIA Bathroom Design for Sunshine Coast and Widebay 2021.  Its design was part of a larger house renovation that involved lifting a high-set beach home on the Sunshine Coast. 

The client brief for the bathroom was to include, a walk-in shower with shampoo shelf, a separate WC, a bath, and a feature statement vanity.  The project restrictions were space.   All of these requirements had to fit into a relatively small space with good ventilation.  We also wanted to maintain the cross breeze airflow which was generated from the original house design via the rear door to the front of the house. 

The solution was to create an Ensuite that was combined with the Master Bedroom but didn’t feel like there was an Ensuite in the Master bedroom!

The back door was converted into two louver windows and the bath sat in front of these.  It was inset into a low wall which acted as a natural divider between the bathroom and the bedroom space, without closing either off.  The front and splash of the bath are clad in a simple white Japanese Finger Tile.  The design has been created so that if the bedroom door is open, you have no idea you are looking at a bathroom.  All plumbing fittings are gunmetal by Phoenix tapware.  The bath spout is particularly clever with its folding spout.  Optimising space in the small tub.

The vanity is the feature of the entire space, its location, its fittings, and finishes make it a centerpiece.  It is what you face when sitting up in bed!  It is tiled from floor to sloping ceiling in a geometric feature tile.  The vanity top is 12mm Porcelain slab and features an oval sit-on top basin in matt white.  The round mirror softens the geometric design of the tiles.  This is echoed with the clever feature lighting.  Two wall sconce globes sit to the top left of the mirror and two to the bottom right of the mirror.

Symmetry works well with this design.  To the left of the vanity is a paneled door, which conceals the wall hung WC.  A nightlight at 300mm from the finished floor provides perfect illumination for night-time visits.  This tiny room is lined with wallpaper featuring native Australian grass trees.  So, even if someone forgets to close the door it creates another element of interest!

To the right of the vanity is the entry to the walk-in shower.  No crazy features here, this purposeful cave-like space is minimal and designed to unwind.  Lit only by an LED strip running the length of the shampoo shelf, it creates the perfect mood lighting. 

For me, the coup was to keep the original brush box timber floor at the vanity area.  Fortunately, there was nothing directly below this space.  Which meant we didn’t have to tile over the floor.  It was key to creating a bathroom in a bedroom that doesn’t feel like a bathroom!  On the first floor- the timber flooring is continuous from the front of the house to the rear.  When the bedroom door is open, no one realises it’s a bathroom!