Sustainability Statement…

We believe being sustainable is about making sustainable choices for the environment but also sustainable choices for Queensland and the Sunshine Coast.

Here at Box Clever Interiors, we are committed to finding ways to balance aesthetics and functionality with choices that reduce the environmental impact of our designs. We endeavour to incorporate efficient use of space and choosing materials with low environmental impacts.

An example of this is, we only specify paint that have zero or low VOC’s. VOC’s (volatile organic gasses) are the nasty gases in paints and finishes that release during their lifetime and in the initial few weeks can be quiet strong smelling. The benefit for you is that you won’t need to move out during the painting process, and it will be a healthier environment for you to live in, and a good choice for the environment.

We also believe in sustainability for the Sunshine Coast – that means supporting other local business be it trades or local suppliers. For example, we are proud to specify beds that are made here on the Sunshine Coast, our sofas are made in Brisbane. Supporting local jobs, reducing transportation costs and reducing packaging waste. Not only that, we can ensure the fabrics and materials used are environmentally conscious too.

Through continuous professional development, we continue to upskill our knowledge base on sustainability issues to bring you the best sustainable choices. We believe small choices can make big impacts.